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When it comes to crafting the perfect mobile workspace, we understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer a diverse range of lining options, allowing you to customize your mobile workspace according to your specific needs and preferences.

Starting with the standard Van Ply lining, a reliable choice known for its durability and versatility, it provides a solid foundation for your mobile workspace. If you're looking for enhanced performance, our Polyurethane Spray-on Liner is a top-tier option. This high-performance lining offers superior waterproof protection , ensuring your mobile workspace can withstand the rigors of your daily tasks especially in a damp environment.

For those seeking a lightweight yet robust solution, our Polypropylene Lining of lightweight panels is an excellent choice. This innovative material strikes the perfect balance between strength and weight, making it ideal for creating a mobile workspace that's both effective and easy to maintain. 

The choice is entirely yours – mix and match linings based on your unique requirements, or opt for a single, comprehensive solution. Our goal is to empower you to design and build the mobile workspace of your dreams, tailored to your specific workflow and preferences. Whether you prioritize durability, performance, or a lightweight design, we have the expertise and options to transform your vision into a reality.


Van Lining Options

Ply Lining

Certainly a recommendation to maintain resale value of your vehicle, protecting the interior caused by cargo movement in transit. This option includes side panels, floor and bulkhead if required. 

Options include Buffalo Board water resistance flooring as optional.  

Polyurethane Liner

Linex Coating Polyurethane designed for tough applications and water proof requirements. Water Proof Van Lining is often the choice for vans carrying asbestos, food, cleaning chemicals, contaminable substances. Spray on Lining to floor load areas or Bedliners can be also applied on walls and ceiling of vans to fully seal them. 

Very commonly used with Pick Up trucks, horse boxes, great way to protect your investment.

Polypropylene Van Lining Kits

 The lightweight and longer lasting version of ply lining. These panels can help reduce fuel consumption and being poly based are 100% water resistant so can be washed down very easily, leaving your vehicle looking good as new. 

Rubber Floor Linings

Options include insulated panels and rubberize floors as optional.
Van Lining

A greener version


Insulated vehicle lining system.

Is interior vehicle protection critical to your business? Is interior cleanliness and temperature stability a priority? Insulated DuraTherm is perfect for your fleet!

These industry-leading wall and door liners are highly durable, impact resistant, and will protect cargo van panels from the harshest wear and tear. The 3mm insulation layer deadens sound significantly, to enhance operator workspaces, while creating a thermal barrier to control temperatures.

With a total thickness of 9mm, these liners provide superb side panel protection, to increase the lifespan and resale value of the vehicle.

* 6mm thick polypropylene liner, with 3mm foam insulation

* Sound deadening

* Impact/puncture resistant

* Lightweight

* Thermal barrier

* Light Colour (grey) 

Rubber Floor to Suit

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