Rubber Floor Lining

Light weight & Durable Floor Van Floors

We install one of the market leading floor systems, StabiliGrip stands as a beacon of trust for prominent fleets and OEMs spanning the commercial vehicle market.

This robust flooring solution epitomizes reliability, meticulously crafted to endure the harshest rigors encountered in the most demanding applications. 

Crafted from 75% recycled materials, StabiliGrip showcases unparalleled durability. From its resilience to impacts, resistance to chemicals and moisture, to its immunity to rot, StabiliGrip emerges as an indomitable shield for your van, ensuring steadfast protection.

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Van Rubber Floor

Impact Resistant 

 Fiber mesh inlay gives solid construction

Crash Tested 

Fully crash tested for commercial vehicle industry

Chemical Resistant 

Chemical and Moisture resistant 


Manufactured from 75% recycled material

Light Weight

53% lighter than floors of same properties

Anti Slip

Ultra fine grip, maximizes worker safety

Rubber van floor

Heavy Duty Van Floor

StabiliGrip features a textured rubberized surface reminiscent of black sandpaper, ensuring optimum grip even in challenging conditions. This top layer not only enhances traction but also absorbs impact, fortifying the flooring against punctures. At the heart of StabiliGrip lies a dimensionally stable composite LDPE (low-density polyethylene) core, engineered to withstand extreme temperatures without warping or reacting. This core is flanked by dual layers of fiber mesh, augmenting stability and rigidity. Beneath, a cushioning layer of rubberized material dampens road noise and prevents rattling.  

Small Van from £ 395ex

Medium Van from £455ex

Large Van from £563ex