Ford Custom Racking Ideas

'One of the most poplar commercials in its class'

Designed to be converted

  The Transit Custom has consistently been celebrated for its robust, reliability, coupled with exceptional design and craftsmanship. Presently, it introduces an expanded array of innovative features and intelligent technologies, along with heightened efficiency facilitated by a selection of advanced diesel or optional hybrid options. The outcome is a van that exudes greater refinement and sophistication than ever before, securing its position as the most popular light commercial vehicle in its class. 

Ford Custom

Among our most frequently chosen options, the Ford Custom conversions take the forefront. Providing comprehensive accessory packages in various options, these full fitout solutions serve as the complete answer for all working fleets.  

Ford Custom racking

Core Package

A simple and efficient kit for storing and organizing tools, components, or materials, allowing you to transform your van into a mobile store or workshop.  

Ford Custom racking

Delivery Van Shelving

These shelving systems are strategically installed in the cargo area of the van to enhance organization, optimize storage space, and ensure efficient transportation of goods  

Premium Package

The complete engineers/technicians package, featuring a comprehensive set of storage compartments to keep you organized both on the job and while on the move.

Ford Custom racking


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