Van Locks and Security

Highest security van deterrents to protect your van from break-ins and cargo theft. Trust us, these products have been designed, tested, and now proven to work.  The hardened steel, anti-cutting, anti-drilling body with zinc and nickel coatings take these installations of security to the next level.

From deadlocks to slam locks to full door security we offer the full range of security you need to keep your cargo, tools and van parts safe. It is essential to access the nature of your workspace to ensure your specific needs are taken care of and your teams equipment is kept secure every day. 

Van Security

Full Door Security

 When full security is required these gates prevent any intruder from accessing the rear of your commercial vehicle. Bespoke built to suit your vehicle offer the highest level of protection along with easy of use. Making sure your equipment is safe and secure for when you need it next. 

Van Security


When those days are long and hard,  Slam locks automatically lock the door when it is closed, ensuring that the van is secured without the need for additional manual locking. Often the product choice for all customers right across all industries where quick security is leaves opportunities thieves nowhere to go. 

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Van Security

Hook Locks

  More strength, more protection, more control. Like the Deadlock, the Key Lock puts you in control with a secondary mortice lock that works completely independently of the manufacturer’s main system. Also, like the Deadlock, the Key Lock is operated by a high-security key.

The key difference is that it works by throwing a hook into a specially designed keep, making it incredibly difficult to force apart. And should anyone try, this extra layer of security will give them a headache, while you have peace of mind.