On-Board Power​

As part of our full fit out installations, we deliver the highest standard of auto-electrical configurations. The escalating demand for electrical setups in vans spans a diverse spectrum of applications, including plumbing, electricity, gas, property management, emergency vehicles, and service vehicles. As the necessity grows to charge battery-powered tools, operate larger power tools directly from the van, and power various equipment such as lights, beacons, handwash units, and USB charging ports for mobile devices, our Provox team excels in auto-electrical installations.

Our expertise allows us to address your specific needs with a range of outstanding power supply options, which can be tailored to optimize your mobile workplace. Drawing upon our extensive knowledge and experience in the automotive industry, we offer expert guidance on power inverters, LED lighting, split charge systems, interior lighting, water heaters, and more. Rest assured, we are committed to installing the optimal solution that aligns seamlessly with your unique requirements.

Split Charge 

Split Charge systems the most common installed on board charge system.  We install the the most modern split charge systems ensuring your leisure batteries only charge when the charging source is operating, and electrically isolates them otherwise, ensuring that the use of one battery does not draw current from the other. This way we can ensure your have the power you need when you need it.  


The range includes 400w, 1200w and 2000w units for a complete solution. A lithium battery power source ensures there is no deterioration in performance as the charge diminishes. Users can also monitor the status of their auto electrical installation through a phone or laptop using Bluetooth. 


Solar is becoming fast a go to to harness the suns free energy.  By connecting these systems into your on-board power systems you are able to store solar generated power with-in the system allowing you to have the power on board when you need it. Great for high demand vehicles where mileage can be limited so external power source is require.