The VET Organizer Drawer System

For the Professional Veterinarian, who are on the road, the Ultimate Vehicle Drawer System .

Mobile Vet Storage Solutions

The innovative Drawer system surpasses the limitations of other systems by offering extensive versatility. With its wide range of sizes, you can create endless combinations. The modular design allows for various configurations, and the abundance of accessories provides ample options both within and outside the drawers. Arguably the Best Veterinary vehicle solution suitable for all Farm and Equine Vets.

This system is adaptable to any vehicle and can be effortlessly transferred between cars. Constructed from sustainable and lightweight materials like aluminium and lightweight wood, with a high-quality stainless steel frame, durability and portability are ensured. Giving you the the ultimate Veterinary Storage Ideas along with the best Practice Vehicle


Pickup with Drawers

Enhancing Mobile Veterinary Care  

Featuring a unique drawer system, these solutions provide an optimal organization for medicines, whether refrigerated or non-refrigerated. The sturdy drawers allow for easy transportation of large items while still leaving space for your necessary belongings. By utilizing the full cargo volume of your vehicle, you maintain clear visibility and ensure a hygienic, presentable, and orderly environment.

This unique drawer system gives you an overview of your materials and tools. The smooth loading floor on top of the drawer system is perfectly suited for large and heavy objects. The complete cargo space of your care is used, and your care is representative, safe, and organised. 

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 Configuration for Farm and Equine Vets

The first step in establishing the optimal setup is assessing the vehicle, followed by identifying the materials and tools that require transportation. Essential items are assigned predetermined and logical positions to ensure efficient organization. Typically, the process begins with accommodating the largest and bulkiest items, gradually piecing together the ideal configuration. The implementation of the design, carried out by skilled BEKS partners, culminates in the delivery of the configured vehicle to the end user, marking a celebratory occasion each time.

Vet Sotrage

Estate Car

Audi A4, VW Passat, Skoda Octavia

 Dimension 506mm (h) x 815mm (w) x 691mm (d)

Bin Drawer with Bins

Medicine Drawer with Lock

Medicine Bottle Storage

Dividers supplied

Price £3495ex

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SUV Storage


Volvo XC90, Skoda Kodiaq, Land Rover Defender

Dimension 585mm (h) x 1015mm (w) x 1036mm (d)

Bin Drawer with Bins

Medicine Drawer with Lock

Medicine Bottle Storage

Dividers supplied

Writing Table Drawer

Price £4382ex

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Pickup Storage


VW Amarok, Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger

Dimension 761mm (h) x 1015mm (w) x 1468mm (d)

Bin Drawer with Bins

Medicine Drawer with Lock

Medicine Bottle Storage

Dividers supplied

Cool Box Installation (extra)

Price £4945ex

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Vet Bins

Vet Bin System

Facilitates Clean and tidy work spaces and effective storage too. 

Table for Vet

Vet Action Table

Either a writing table or a mixing table comes with wipeable surface great and handle tool to have in the set to ensure you have an area to put your equipment down on prior to storage. 

Additional Accessories to Consider

Securing Mounting Sets

Locks on Set Drawers

Drawer Sealer

Compartment Storage Drawers

Coolbox for Vets

Vet Cool Box

Great for keeping required medicines to right temperature.