Citroen Dispatch Racking Ideas

' One of the commercials most popular in the LCV Range'

One with many attractive options

The introduction of the new Citroen Dispatch in 2023 focuses on the third-generation model, initially introduced in 2016. It underwent a comprehensive redesign, starting from the ground up, and utilizes the Efficient Modular Platform 2, shared with the latest Peugeot Expert, Fiat Scudo, Toyota Proace, and Vauxhall Vivaro. As a contemporary medium van, it offers a satisfying driving experience, boasts impressive payload ratings, and provides attractive full electric options.

At the forefront of our commonly selected choices are the Citroen Dispatch conversions. Offering extensive accessory packages in multiple variations, these full fitout solutions serve as a comprehensive solution for all operational fleets.  

Core Package

A simple and efficient kit for storing and organizing tools, components, or materials, allowing you to transform your van into a mobile store or workshop.  

2 x Panelled Shelf Systems 

6 x Shelves with Plastic Bins Storage

Citroen Dispatch Racking

Delivery Van Shelving

These shelving systems are strategically installed in the cargo area of the van to enhance organization, optimize storage space, and ensure efficient transportation of goods  

2 x Flexi Shelf System

6 x Flip Shelves with retainers

Premium Package

The complete engineers/technicians package, featuring a comprehensive set of storage compartments to keep you organized both on the job and while on the move.

2 x Panelled Shelf Systems 

Plastic Bins Storage

Multiple Drawer Options

Citroen Dispatch Racking
Citroen Dispatch Racking


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