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 Emergency Support 

For numerous years, law enforcement agencies both domestically and internationally have used drawer systems for their needs. Typically, this is facilitated through specialized installation partners—companies exclusively focused on outfitting police and emergency vehicles comprehensively. Provox takes pride in being a pivotal component of such vehicle conversions

Optimizing Blue Light Storage

Event Support

Provox Drawer Systems serve numerous courageous individuals who carry out their duties under challenging and demanding conditions. Often subjected to rough handling, our equipment is built to endure such circumstances effortlessly.

Whether integrated with existing systems or complete design we provide tailored solutions are readily available for clients, whether it involves weight savings or non-standard dimensions. We consistently go the extra mile.

Our products are highly dependable, robust, meticulously engineered, competitively priced, and maintain a superior level of quality. 

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   Through our exceptional craftsmanship and design expertise, we excel in crafting solutions tailored to enhance the support success. We maintain strong partnerships with major base vehicle suppliers, who readily support us in fulfilling any unique requirements. Moreover, our design systems allow us to visualize and engineer every project before transitioning to the production phase. This capability enables us to thoroughly analyse and quantify all aspects of a custom build, ensuring a seamless progression.

Mobile Workspace Storage

We've partnered with key suppliers to pioneer a range of innovations targeted at resolving the everyday obstacles faced by our Blue Light Service providers. Crafting customized mobile workspaces is our forte—allow us to offer the solution you require.  Whether a trailer or vehicle we can provide the project solution you are looking for. 


Incident Response

Whether your vehicle is brand new or undergoing refurbishment, we collaborate closely with you to fulfil your precise specifications.

While requirements may differ for each project, we aim to deliver a sophisticated technological solution that is both durable and user-friendly for operators.

Internally, we tailor the conversion to align with our customers' preferences. Our goal is to create a functional command centre, albeit on a smaller scale, complete with all essential elements. We can accommodate the level of finish and comfort that meets your needs. 

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Rapid Response

Conversions which are purposefully crafted to respond to specialized incidents, equipped with independent power sources and robust communication capabilities, we support those who support us.

These incident and command vehicles empower our clients to efficiently manage any situation within minutes of arriving at the scene. 


Emergency Critical 

Equipped to carry bespoke loads securely, configured to accommodate various modules  allow instant access to information vital for rescue, tailored to meet the demands of different incidents or their aftermath.

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