Floor Storage Drawer System

Many company vehicles are cluttered due to a lack of clever storage space. As a result, you have to search for the right materials and tools before you can finally start the job.

Why a Drawer System 

Our drawer system diverges significantly from conventional in-vehicle equipment brands. Instead of employing racks mounted on side walls, we utilize drawers installed on the car's floor. This design maximizes the utilization of storage space width. Here are the distinct advantages offered by our innovative drawer system:

  1. Streamlined storage for all materials, minimizing clutter.
  2. Enhanced capacity with each drawer capable of accommodating up to 100 kg.
  3. Effortless material retrieval facilitated by a standardized storage layout.

Bespoke Drawer Systems

Are you seeking a practice vehicle that offers both convenience and hygiene, while also catering to your specific needs as a veterinarian, mechanic or fleet ? Look no further than Provox, designed to meet your requirements.

Equipped with features such as a fridges, sealed draw liners, extra power supply, 230 volts for a printer, running water with drainage, and waste separation capability, these solutions offer unparalleled convenience. With our unique drawer system, you gain optimal visibility and organization of your tools and equipment.

The sturdy drawer system allows for easy transportation of large items while maintaining space for weekly shopping and personal use. Utilizing the full load volume of your vehicle, you'll enjoy a clear view all around, ensuring hygiene, presentation, safety, and orderliness.

Thanks to the low centre of gravity of our lightweight drawer system, your vehicle experiences improved driving experience, enhancing overall stability and control. Experience the perfect balance of functionality and efficiency with Provox innovative solutions.

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